Slices of Time

  1. Alita X Sarah | Kensington Sessions

    13 Mar 2017
    Alita Rose - @alitarose__ and Sarah Lucc - @lucc_____ This shoot was a collaboration between myself, Alita Rose and Sarah Lucciantonio. Alita is one of my fave people to work with because she just knows. Sarah is a designer who makes outfits, and makes people who wear outfits look dope…

  2. Claire | Kensington Sessions

    25 Feb 2017
    Claire Hunter @clairehuntermusic I have a friend, she’s an insane musician. You should check out her stuff in that link. We got together and chased the light around the market, looking for cool stuff to photograph. MODEL: CLAIRE HUNTERCAMERA: Canon 5DMK4LENS: Nikkor 35mm F/2 1979           Canon 135L F/2LIGHTING: 4pm-6pm Natural…

  3. Liz | Kensington Sessions

    17 Feb 2017
    Liz Kostic | @lizkostic Round 2 of the Kensington Sessions is here! MODEL: LIZ KOSTIC (@lizkostic)CAMERA: Canon 5D4LENSES: Canon 135L f/2                Sigma 50 1.4 ALighting: Canon 600RT Speedlight                Apollo 36’ Umbrella with Custom Rig                PocketWizard X Triggers The goal of this shoot was to create fine shadow lines in the…

  4. The Kensington Sessions

    07 Feb 2017
    Aaron Williams, @athrillerrain So, it’s been a moment but a lot has happened in the last many months. I’ve found myself in the middle of Kensington Market with a large, creative space and brimming with creatives all over the place. So, I’ve started this ongoing project called the Kensington Sessions…

  5. War For Peace

    11 Apr 2016
    View from Rocinha Favela In 2011, the government of Rio de Janeiro launched an operation to pacify the Favelas in and around the city. For years, these communities existed at odds with the established social order, and for decades social inequality, crime and misfortune festered while Brazil stood by and…

  6. It’s difficult to relate when you’re not there.

    09 Apr 2016
    I sat here for hours at sunrise waiting for this photo. Exulansis: n. the tendency to give up trying to talk about an experience because people are unable to relate to it - whether through envy or pity or simple foreignness - which allows it to drift away from the

  7. Ginga and the Rhythm of the Fight

    09 Apr 2016
    We found the object of our search in Morro de Sao Paulo. Blue skies, and warm beaches spotted with acai shakes and beautiful people. You know that cliche about beautiful Brazilians? It’s not a cliche. It’s ridiculously true. Canada, open the floodgates and let the Brazilians in because everything will…

  8. Love in Salvador

    12 Mar 2016
    The Lover’s Embrace Creamy skies of blue and golden sands inspired our flight to Salvador from Sao Paulo. The winter we yearned to leave behind in Canada was echoed through the murky, cloudy weather of Southern Brazil and we felt the energy of life, dance and sun coming from the…

  9. Life on Streets - Sao Paulo Protests

    10 Mar 2016
    A young man occupying Paulista Avenue, a major street in downtown Sao Paulo. When I was a boy, I learned about values. Injustice, fairness, progress … a lexicon of ideas filled my head, and for some reason they shined brighter and resonated deeper than so many other ideas. If I…

  10. Life in Streets - Sao Paulo

    23 Feb 2016
    Street Artist getting dirty on So let’s talk about the streets. Back in 2007, Lupe Fiasco released one of the greatest albums of all time: The Cool - a concept album that tells the story of a kid who navigates through the unjust world he was born into. Through this…

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