Liz | Kensington Sessions

Liz Kostic | @lizkostic

Round 2 of the Kensington Sessions is here! 

MODEL: LIZ KOSTIC (@lizkostic)
CAMERA: Canon 5D4
LENSES: Canon 135L f/2
                Sigma 50 1.4 A
Lighting: Canon 600RT Speedlight
                Apollo 36’ Umbrella with Custom Rig
                PocketWizard X Triggers

The goal of this shoot was to create fine shadow lines in the style of film-noir, high contrast images, and of course follow me on Instagram

Trippy right? Well, below you’ll see the bunk-ass rig I used to create this effect. This was a hard shoot, because I had no idea what I was doing. My umbrella was diffusing the light far too much to create any reasonable shadows, so I just kept adding layers and layers of cardboard and paper until I got to a a place where the light was shuttering.

Courtesy of UPS boxes.

It didn’t work out, so we started trying other ideas.

I got a second wind after the edge of a window I was using to filter cardboard cast a shadow that revealed to me the method to achieve the effect. Since the light was so diffuse, the only way to get real shuttered, deep and contrasted shadow lines was by pointing the flash directly at the frame. I covered the frame in vertical lines of duct tape to block light in a vertical pattern and the following happened:

Then we got rocking, and finished the shoot with the next set of images. Liz was awesome to work with and I think we got some interesting images - what do you think? Leave a comment below with your ruthless criticisms or loving praises! 

Peace and Love

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