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  1. Alita X Sarah | Kensington Sessions

    13 Mar 2017

    Alita Rose - @alitarose__ and Sarah Lucc - @lucc_____ This shoot was a collaboration between myself, Alita Rose and Sarah Lucciantonio. Alita is one of my fave people to work with because she just knows. Sarah is a designer who makes outfits, and makes people who wear outfits look dope…

  2. Claire | Kensington Sessions

    25 Feb 2017

    Claire Hunter @clairehuntermusic I have a friend, she’s an insane musician. You should check out her stuff in that link. We got together and chased the light around the market, looking for cool stuff to photograph. MODEL: CLAIRE HUNTERCAMERA: Canon 5DMK4LENS: Nikkor 35mm F/2 1979           Canon 135L F/2LIGHTING: 4pm-6pm Natural…

  3. Liz | Kensington Sessions

    17 Feb 2017

    Liz Kostic | @lizkostic Round 2 of the Kensington Sessions is here! MODEL: LIZ KOSTIC (@lizkostic)CAMERA: Canon 5D4LENSES: Canon 135L f/2                Sigma 50 1.4 ALighting: Canon 600RT Speedlight                Apollo 36’ Umbrella with Custom Rig                PocketWizard X Triggers The goal of this shoot was to create fine shadow lines in the…

  4. The Kensington Sessions

    07 Feb 2017

    Aaron Williams, @athrillerrain So, it’s been a moment but a lot has happened in the last many months. I’ve found myself in the middle of Kensington Market with a large, creative space and brimming with creatives all over the place. So, I’ve started this ongoing project called the Kensington Sessions…

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